5 Keys to Managing Parents & Positively Include Them in Your Program

The athletic triangle between coaches--players--parents is a challenging system to balance.  In Glazier Academies, Coach Frank Delano offers some advice that will help coaches of all experience levels to have more positive parent relationships. 

You can get a sneak peek from that content by viewing the video below.


Click for more on How to Win Parents and an outline for a parent meeting agenda to help you do exactly that.

Glazier Academies

You have just watched one of the 70 videos that make up Glazier Academies.  Other topics for both head coaches and assisant coaches include:  Everything They Don't Teach You About Being a Head Coach, Being a Head Coach is Not and Individual Sport, and (for assistant coaches) 


Glazier Academies is for coaches of every sport and level.  Learn how to be prepared to win every aspect of your job and elevate your coaching beyond just playing a game through a series of premium videos from growth-minded coaches.


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