Give Your Coaches, of All Sports, the Soft Skills Training They Need


We Empower Sports Coaches with the Expertise and Resources to Succeed.

  • Lead with character
  • Run highly effective and fun practices
  • Build a culture of professionalism
  • Motivate athletes to strive for excellence
  • Build positive relationships with parents and administration
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 GLAZIER GUARANTEE:  Reduce coach turnover and elevate program performance, or your money back.


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"Glazier Academies reinforced my belief that mentoring kids and dealing with life lessons is far more important than wins and losses. These courses have been made available to all our varsity head coaches and to my program-wide coaching staff. I am making it mandatory that they all complete the course." 
Tracy Rosa
Former Head Football Coach, Clinton Central High School (Indiana)


  • 50+ video courses to train all your coaches, from all sports to master the soft skills
  • Get off to a great start with the parents, athletes, and leadership
  • WIN more games & create a culture that makes sports more enjoyable for everyone - coaches, students, and parents
  • Training for unlimited coaches at one low cost
  • Prepare your coaches for the next step in their career 

In 2022 alone, 55,000+ coaches from 6,700+ schools trained with Glazier.



Head Coach Academy consists of 40+ video lessons from coaches with 60+ years of combined experience, across 10+ sports.

Head Coach Academy is built for veteran, new, or aspiring head coaches who want to lead with character, build a culture of professionalism, manage athletes to strive for excellence and communicate & collaborate effectively with parents & administration.

First Principles

Being a Head Coach is Not an Individual Sport

Everything They Don’t Tell You About Being a Head Coach

Preparing Your Head Coach Philosophy

Are You Ready?

How to Evaluate a Potential Head Coaching Position

How to Prepare to be a Head Coach

How to Know if You’re Ready to Be a Head Coach

Planning & Organization

Pre-Season Program Meetings

How to Evaluate Your Entire Program on a Yearly Basis

How to Self Evaluate

How to Run an End-of-Year Banquet

Hiring & Firing Assistant Coaches

How to Build a Staff

Tips for Hiring Assistant Coaches

How to Fire Assistant Coaches 

Developing & Managing Assistant Coaches

How to Evaluate Assistant Coaches

How to Develop Assistant Coaches

How to Build Cohesion with Your Assistant Coaches 


What is Leadership? Relational vs. Positional

Leadership Development & Coach Development

Pyramid of Success

Growing Participation

How to Get the Maximum Number of Kids Involved in the Program & How to Retain Them

Proven Team Building Activities 

Creating & Managing a Budget

How to Manage Your Budget as a Head Coach

How to Fundraise as a Head Coach 

Culture Building

How Do You Define Success? Elite Coach, Elite Player, & Winning Season

How to Establish a Winning Culture

How to Build Your Team Brand & Be Consistent With It 

Managing Press & Social Media

How to Deal with the Press as a Head Coach

How to Teach Your Athletes to Deal with the Press

Teaching Your Athletes/Assistant Coaches How to Represent Themselves on Social Media 

First Steps

Easy Steps to Taking Over a Terrible Program

Tips on Interviewing for a Head Coaching Position

Step by Step Plan on What to do Your First Days on the Job

You Got the Job, Now What?

External Relationship Building

How to Get Your School & Community Excited About the Program

Building Your Network: Why Networking is Crucial to Your Program

How to Build Relationships with Administration

5 Keys to Managing Parents & Positively Include Them in Your Program 

Practice & Game Planning

What is a Perfect Practice? Prepare in Detail So You Can Coach in Detail

Athlete Development: Build a Process 

Strategizing Pre-game, Post-Game, Half-Time, & Losing Streak Speeches

How to Build Structure & Format in Your Coaches' Meeting 

Fast Tracks

Current Head Coach

First Year Head Coach

Improving Parent Relationships and Reducing Headaches

Non Teaching Head Coaches 


Assistant Coach Academy consists of 25+ video lessons from coaches with 60+ years of combined experience, across 10+ sports.

Learn everything you need to be a successful assistant coach. Covering topics within philosophy & organization, dealing with people, and culture & leadership.

Practice & Evaluation

What Is A Perfect Practice? Prepare In Detail So You Can Coach In Detail

How To Self Evaluate

Being A Coach Is Not An Individual Sport

First Principles

How Do You Define Success? Elite Coach, Elite Player, Winning Season

Being A Coach Is Not An Individual Sport

How Can You Work Towards Career Goals While Assisting With Team Goals?

Culture Building

How To Build Your Team Brand & Be Consistent With It

How To Establish A Winning Culture


Leadership Development & Coach Development

Pyramid of Success


Building Your Network: Why Networking Is Crucial To Your Program

How To Prepare And Approach The Interview For An Assistant Coach Position

What Are The Best Ways To Learn And Grow As A Coach?

What Are The Most Important Responsibilities Of An Assistant Coach?

Dealing with People

Teaching Your Athletes/Assistant Coaches How To Represent Themselves On Social Media

How To Build Relationships With Administration

What Are The Best Practices To Gain The Trust Of Players And Other Staff Members?

How An Assistant Coach Can Build Rapport With Players While Having The Head Coach's Back

Keys For An Assistant Coach When Dealing With Officials And Parents

Relationship With Head Coach

How An Assistant Coach Can Build A Relationship With Head Coach While Creating A Healthy Work/Life Balance

What Ways Can You Challenge And Create An Interactive Discussion With Your Head Coach?

How Can You Maintain And Foster A Healthy Relationship With Your Head Coach?

The Best Ways An Assistant Coach Can Be An Asset To The Head Coach & Develop Your Own Identity

How Should You Voice Concerns Of The Team To The Head Coach?

How Do You Approach A Difficult Conversation With Your Head Coach?


Head Coach Academy is the most effective way to train your new head coaches, veteran head coaches, or aspiring head coaches.

Through 40+ pre-recorded video lessons, your head coaches will learn the most important aspects of being a head coach: planning & organization, culture & leadership, people management, and program fund management related, but not limited, to budgets and organizing fundraisers. 

Assistant Coach Academy is the most effective way to train your assistant coaches on mastering the soft skills. 

Through 10+ pre-recorded video lessons, your assistant coaches will learn everything they need to be successful and progress in their careers while creating a positive culture. Covering topics within philosophy & organization, dealing with people, and culture & leadership.

Glazier Drive is training football coaches the hard skills used ON the field. Glazier Academies is for all coaches across all sports teaching them the soft skills needed to succeed.

We have world-class coaches with 60+ years of experience across 11+ sports. As well as experienced administrators teaching.

Yes, you will have access to a dashboard and CRM that shows who has completed which course and when.

If you still can't afford to enroll, email us at, and our CEO, Chris Coughlin will work with you. 

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All of these organizations have been Glazier trainers in the past 2 years.

  • Duke
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • UCLA
  • University of Florida
  • Stanford


Frank DeLano,
Haddonfield Memorial HS (NJ)

Coach Frank DeLano is going into his 21st season as the Head Football Coach at Haddonfield Memorial in New Jersey. At Haddonfield, Coach DeLano has won 6 out of the last 11 state championships and is the winningest coach in school history. Coach DeLano was inducted into the New Jersey Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame class of 2022 and was also a baseball coach for 21 years at both Gloucester Catholic and Haddonfield.

Chris Ross,
Lovejoy HS (TX)

Coach Ross is entering his 3rd season as the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Lovejoy High School in Texas. His honors include 2020 5a Coach of the Year for the district and 2 time Lonestar cup award winner as Athletic Director for the top extracurricular program in the state.

Aaron Brady,
Coach, Educator, & Mentor

Coach Brady has been coaching since 1999. During the last 22 seasons, he has spent (8) years in the college ranks at Duke, Georgetown, Mansfield, and Clarion University respectively, and has been a head high school coach for (14) seasons.

Ben Wood,
Central Connecticut State

Coach Wood’s primary roles at Central Connecticut State are recruiting, player development, and monitoring academic progress. He served for 6 years with Bobby Hurley at Arizona State as the Special Assistant to the Head Coach before joining the Central Connecticut State staff.

James Thomas,
University of Georgia

Coach Thomas is the jumps and combined events coach at Georgia. He served at Texas Tech as a 10-time United States Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Mountain Region Assistant Coach of the Year. He has coached eight NCAA individual event champions, 91 All-Americans, and 29 conference champions.

Jennifer Oldenburg,
Ohio State

Coach Oldenburg returned to Ohio State (Her Alma Mater) as the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach in January 2020. She previously served as an assistant at Illinois for nine years and was an assistant coach for the USA Volleyball Girls Youth National Team.  She was awarded Big Ten Coach of the Year in 2020. She has a career-winning percentage of .765.